Michelle Ford  British Voice Actor

Member of World Voices Organisation and Audio Publishers Association






Michelle is a native Brit and professional voice actor.  Moving 'across the pond' nine years ago, Michelle now lives just outside New York and still gets a buzz when driving into the city and seeing the Manhattan skyline.
With more than 75 audiobooks recorded, Michelle has a proven track record in long narration and audiobooks in contemporary fiction, historical fiction, children's books, short stories and business, Michelle is never happier than when she is in flipflops and behind a mic.
In addition, she is experienced in voicing e learning/training (many pharma, medical and corporate clients), animation, corporate messages, websites, characters, children's stories, film narration, podcasts, industrial work, on-camera, tv and radio commercials.
At last count she has worked for clients in 18 countries from Brazil to South Africa, Middle East to Australia.

A British 'BBC' voice or  'Londoner' ranging from mid 20s to  40s, Michelle's voice has been described as 'warm, friendly, polished, professional, sophisticated and approachable'.   Accents include Australian, New Zealand, Scottish, Yorkshire, Southwest England, French